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3 steps to getting your project done

  1. Contact us so we can discuss the details of your project with you.

  2. We will schedule a site visit and provide you with a free estimate. In the estimate, we will define all the work within your project's scope and potential work outside the scope of your project.

  3. If you're satisfied with our estimate, we will discuss your schedule for completing your project and write up a detailed contract to get your work done.

The bid options  

Flat bid  

  • You receive a flat price for the total cost of your project.  This price includes everything within the scope of the project. However, this does not include any additional work that may be needed that is outside of the scope of the project. (see *example below)

  • The benefits of a flat bid price are the contractor accepts all responsibility for additional work and material costs that fall within the project scope, eliminating the risk that the project goes over budget within the scope.  

  • The disadvantages of a flat bid price are higher costs. A flat bid price reflects are best estimate for a worst case installation making sure were covered in the event additional work is required     

Time & material bid

  • You pay our hourly rate plus the cost of the materials for your project.

  • The benefits of a time and material bid are in most cases you receive the lowest cost for completing your project.

  • The disadvantage is it could cost more than you expected if your project takes longer to complete.

FAQ: Why would there be additional work required outside of the projects scope?

This occurs when we find a safety hazard that was concealed behind building finishes that would make your installation unsafe.


(*example) You receive a flat bid price to have new light fixture installed. While removing your old lights we discover your building wiring is not correctly sized and your power system can not handle the power requirements. To install your lights requires additional power to be installed. This additional work falls outside the scope of installing your light fixtures, but do not worry. We will provide you a revised estimate expanding the scope of work to include the additional work. If you decide not to proceed for any reason you will only be billed for the  time we spent on your project plus any materials used.         

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